Copy Immersion

Get customer-focused copy in one day (that's less time than it takes to make a batch of cold brew coffee)

When something is off with your copy, you need a fast fix.

Maybe you have a hunch that something’s not working…

  • Outdated website copy that isn’t speaking to your current ideal customers
  • A lone welcome email that’s all about you (which makes your readers say, 🤷‍♀️ so what?” instead of 💸 shut up and take my money!”)
  • Sales page copy that needs to be optimized for connection (so that readers feel seen) and conversion (so that perfect-fit buyers actually click that Buy Now button)
  • Decent copy that’s getting the job done… but you just know it would be better with more of your personality shining through

But when you try to give your copy an upgrade, it seems like the only options are copywriter waitlists, 5-figure agency minimums, or the highly unpleasant task of writing it yourself.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to get copy without the wait. We deliver new & improved copy in just one day with a Copy Immersion.

What can we really do in a day?

A Copy Immersion is ideal for knocking out your copy to-do list fast (without the back-and-forth of traditional copywriting projects).

Here are a few examples of projects we’ve successfully tackled in a day:

  • Wrote new Home page copy for a service provider who had just pivoted (we also rewrote her Services page, wrote a quickie About page from scratch, and even freshened up her Contact page)
  • Rewrote multiple product and category descriptions for an ecommerce founder who realized that her copy was lacking personality and emotional connection
  • Wrote a new 4-email promo sequence for a coach looking to fill a pair of business retreats
  • Developed core messaging for a new-to-market CPG product and wrote product descriptions for the website

Here’s another way of looking at it: if you have preexisting copy that needs some love (like injecting more personality to connect with buyers or optimizing copy for conversions), we can get a lot done in a day.

If you need copy created from scratch, we will write as much as we can (and provide you with clear next steps for anything we don’t get to).

When you schedule a Copy Immersion, you’re booking our time, not a specific deliverable. Of course, you’re also booking 100% of our focus, brains, and copy expertise for a full day of work. That means we turn off phone notifications, stay out of our inboxes, and fully immerse ourselves in your brand.

I’m a big believer in getting expert eyes on your work because it will always make your writing and your emails convert better. It’s so worth it to have a second set of expert eyes to optimize your copy. If you’re thinking about working with Megan and Travis, DO IT!
Headshot of Michelle Mazur reading her book
Dr. Michelle Mazur
Messaging Coach & Author

Here's how we brew copy magic in just 8 hours

We only take on clients that are a good fit for our Copy Immersion process. This is the perfect way for us to work together if…

You need copy for a proven product or offer. It's so much easier for us to work our magic if you already have happy customers. If you're still in the beta/idea stage, just know that we'll likely spend more time researching & strategizing than writing.

You have a hard time writing about yourself and need outside perspective. We can quickly help you discover your edge and make sure that you truly stand out. That's why welcome sequences, about pages, and home page copy are some of our faves - we love to help you shine!

You've got lots of data that we can reference. We start every Copy Immersion with customer research, so the more testimonials, Amazon reviews, and competitor reviews we can work through, the more effective your copy will be.

You're in a hurry! Look, we love doing in-depth customer research (surveying your email list, interviewing your buyers over Zoom, etc.), but it adds months to a project timeline. Booking a Copy Immersion day is the fastest way to get things done.

I needed web copy done quickly and, most importantly, in the correct voice for my business. Travis and Megan made that happen. Their communication throughout the process was prompt and thorough. The process was easy to understand and we stayed on the same page throughout. I really appreciate the diligence they brought to my copy.
Jamie O'Kane headshot
Jamie O'Kane
CPA and Podcast Host

How the Copy Immersion Works

Book Your Copy Immersion Day

Fill out a short application so that we can make sure we’re a good fit.

If everything looks good, we’ll send over a link to our booking calendar where you can pick your day and complete payment. The current rate for a full day is $1,497.

Before Your Immersion Day

Once you’re booked, we’ll start gathering information about your brand and your goals.

We’ll send over an intake questionnaire ASAP. We’ll also ask you to schedule your 60-minute kickoff call (to take place 3-7 days before your Copy Immersion day).

Day of the Copy Immersion

We’ll get to work bright & early – no need for you to be present.

We can wrap up one of two ways: we meet up on Zoom for an hour of live edits or we keep writing until end of day and then send over a video walkthrough. Either way, when our time is up, we’ll send you a Google Doc with your new copy.

After Your Immersion

As a bonus, you get 14 days of follow-up support via email or Voxer (a free walkie-talkie app). This is your chance to ask us questions about your copy as you & your team implement.

Need more copy? Just say the words and we can book in another Copy Immersion (half days are available for repeat clients).

Every Copy Immersion Includes

Investment: $1,497


With a Copy Immersion, you’re buying our time, not a set of deliverables. We’ll give you 8 hours of distraction-free work. If something isn’t finished, we’ll outline your next steps so that you or someone on your team can easily wrap up.

We do internal edits throughout the day, but no revisions are included once the day is over. If you want to be involved in the editing process, the three of us can hop on a Zoom call during the last hour of your Copy Immersion to do some live edits.

A full day Copy Immersion (8 hours) costs $1497. Half days (4 hours) are available for repeat clients. Payment is due at the time of booking so that we can officially clear our calendars for you.

Most of your work will happen before your Copy Immersion day. We hold the intake call in advance so that we can wake up, make coffee, and get straight to work on the big day.

Your Copy Immersion isn’t an 8-hour Zoom call, so you don’t need to be available all day. However, it’s best if you pick a day where you’ll be accessible. So don’t pick a day where you’ll be out of the office or on vacation!

Once we’ve completed our day together, you get 14 days of follow-up support (via Voxer or email) so that you can ask any questions about your copy. If you need additional copy written, you can book another Copy Immersion (half days are also available for returning clients).

There’s just two of us here at Visualized Copy! Megan will be your copywriter during your Copy Immersion. Travis will run your kickoff call on Zoom before the Copy Immersion day begins. He’ll also be your main point of contact during the day in case we have any questions or need your eyes on the copy.

Meet Your Copywriters

Megan here – curious copywriter, obsessive observer, and unapologetic cat lady. As your lead copywriter for the day, I will…

TB Test

Hey there, I’m Travis – an academic researcher and mindfulness coach turned conversion copywriter. I’m here to make sure that we know as much about you and your brand as possible so that we can all make the most of your Copy Immersion. I’m going to…

I love Megan's copy. It's non-hangover copy. Sometimes you have copywriters and you read what they wrote and it's good stuff. But then a few weeks later you reread it and it's like a hangover. Like, no, this actually doesn't suit me anymore or this is a bit too aggressive. But Megan's is like a nice marketer and kind of sassy. I know I never have regrets about one of her emails going out.
Headshot of Christine Hansen
Christine Hansen
Business Coach

Are you ready to have copy that will surprise & delight your customers?