Copy Immersion

Get customer-focused copy in less time than it takes to make a batch of cold brew coffee

A 2-day copywriting intensive for customer-obsessed ecommerce brands​

When you realize that something’s off with your copy, you want a fast fix. Maybe you’ve got a hunch that your messaging is unclear, your product pages are all about you, or that your lone Welcome email isn’t exactly nurturing any future fans.

But when you try to give your copy an upgrade, it seems like the only options are copywriter waitlists, project-based work that lasts for months (there goes Q1!), or hoping you find the needle in the Upwork haystack.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to clear your to-do list in a hurry. We deliver ecommerce copy fast with our signature 2-day copywriting intensive, the Copy Immersion.

What can we really do in two days?

A lot, actually! Here are a few examples of projects we’ve successfully completed during a Copy Immersion:

  • Developed core messaging and a product launch story for a new-to-market CPG product and wrote product descriptions for the website
  • Wrote copy for 4 product labels and 1 Amazon listing for a pet brand with an upcoming retail launch
  • Planned and wrote Welcome and Post-Purchase Sequences for an established ecommerce brand
  • Rewrote multiple product and category descriptions for a CPG brand that needed more personality and customer-focused language

When you schedule a Copy Immersion, you’re booking our time, not a specific deliverable.

Of course, you’re also booking 100% of our focus, brains, and copy expertise. That means we turn off phone notifications, stay out of our inboxes, and fully immerse ourselves in your brand.

"I'm just really impressed with the level of thought and detail that went into this project and you both hit all the right notes. Really. This is some of the best thought out copywriting we've seen. Thanks for all the hard work and time."
Dave Stickland
President, Franklin's Popcorn

So, what'll ya have?

Not every project is a perfect fit for a copywriting intensive. We’re able to work efficiently by staying in our Zones of Genius. Here’s what’s featured on the Copy Immersion menu:

Product Marketing

No one knows your products better than you do. And that’s exactly the problem when it comes to positioning, messaging, and marketing.

We’ll step in with a generous dose of outside perspective, dive in for data mining, and deliver customer-focused product copy. Possible deliverables include Product Detail Page copy, label copy, product launch story development (with messaging recommendations), or Amazon listing copy.

Welcome Flows

Got a brand new subscriber or customer on your list? The emails you send after “closing the deal” are your time to shine (and earn repeat customers).

That’s why we specialize in post-purchase sequences, transactional emails (psst these don’t have to be boring!), and non-buyer welcome flows. The customer journey is kind of a big deal, so make sure your nurture emails surprise and delight your subscribers.

CX Copy Tweaks

Give us your stale website copy and we’ll optimize it to enhance the customer experience. We’ll put on our customer hats (ok, we always wear those) and figure out the exact words your customers want to hear from you.

Whether it’s sprucing up your home page copy, repositioning your brand story, or reimagining your messaging, we’ll make sure your copy speaks your customers’ language. 

We needed a copywriter to help us figure out how to position our product launches. Internally, we have a ton of back-and-forth, so looking to an outside expert for advice is the way to go! Working with Travis and Megan was easy and quick. They're great. Literally, you have one call and it's like magic... you have an entire messaging document laid out in a day.
Headshot of Michelle
Michelle Gabe
Director Of Marketing, TRUFF

How the Copy Immersion Works

1. Book Your Copy Immersion

Fill out a short application so that we can make sure we’re a good fit.

If everything looks good, we’ll send over a link to our booking calendar where you can pick your copy delivery day and complete payment.

2. Before Your Immersion

Once you’re booked, we’ll start gathering information about your brand and your goals.

We’ll send over an intake questionnaire ASAP. We’ll also ask you to schedule your 60-minute kickoff call (to take place 3-7 days before your Copy Immersion).

3. DURING the Copy Immersion

We’ll get to work bright & early – no need for you to be present. We’ll spend the first day doing research and coming up with key messages for your project. Then on day two, we’ll write your copy.

At the end of the second day, we’ll send you a Google Doc with your new copy. You’ll also receive a video from Megan explaining the copy and any key findings from the research stage.

4. After Your Immersion

As a bonus, you get 14 days of follow-up support via email or Voxer (a free walkie-talkie app). This is your chance to ask us questions about your copy as you & your team implement.

Need more copy? Just say the words and we can book in another Copy Immersion (single-day Immersions are available for repeat clients).

Every Copy Immersion Includes

Investment: $2,000

Our Copy Immersion Clients Include...


With a Copy Immersion, you’re buying our time, not a guaranteed set of deliverables. We’ll guarantee 10 hours of distraction-free work and we can help you set expectations for deliverables during the Kickoff Call.

There are no edits or revisions after you’ve received your Google Doc + Loom video. However, both Travis and Megan do internal edits throughout (this is just one of many reasons why we enjoy working together as a team!).

You also have full permission to pick our brains via email or Voxer for 14 days after your Copy Immersion. We’re happy to answer questions or chat about strategy.

A Copy Immersion (2 days) costs $2,000. Single-day copywriting sessions are available for repeat clients at a discount. Payment is due at the time of booking so that we can officially clear our calendars for you.

You caught me. This used to be our “Day Rate” offer. But after over a year of working this way, we realized that each project would benefit from more research and breathing room. The extra day (and extra night in between) allows for more time to immerse ourselves in your brand and let big ideas bloom.

Most of your work will happen before your Copy Immersion. We hold the kickoff call in advance so that we can wake up, make coffee, and get straight to work.

Your Copy Immersion isn’t a 10-hour Zoom call, so you don’t need to be available all day. However, it’s best if you pick a day where you’ll be accessible. So don’t pick a day where you’ll be out of the office or on vacation!

Once we’ve completed your Copy Immersion, you get 14 days of follow-up support (via Voxer or email) so that you can ask any questions about your copy. If you need additional copy written, you can book another Copy Immersion (single-day writing days are also available for returning clients).

There’s just two of us here at Visualized Copy! Megan will be your copywriter during your Copy Immersion. Travis will run your kickoff call on Zoom before the Copy Immersion officially begins. We’ll work together on your Research Day to brainstorm ideas and swap notes on our findings.

I love their copy. It's non-hangover copy. Sometimes you have copywriters and you read what they wrote and it's good stuff. But then a few weeks later you reread it and it's like a hangover - like, no, this actually doesn't suit me anymore. But Megan's copy is like a nice marketer and kind of sassy. I know I never have regrets about one of her emails going out.
Headshot of Christine Hansen
Christine Hansen
Christine Means Business

Meet Your Copywriters

Megan here – curious copywriter, obsessive observer, and unapologetic cat lady. As your lead copywriter, I will…

  • Get clear on your messaging and positioning through online review mining
  • Analyze your brand voice (and discover how your voice & messaging intersect with what your customers really want)
  • Put my head down and write copy that connects and converts
TB Test

Hey there, I’m Travis – I’m in charge of customer research and the client experience here at Visualized Copy. I’ll make sure that we know as much about you and your brand as possible so that we can all make the most of your Copy Immersion. I’m going to…

  • Guide you to start thinking deeper about your brand, products, and customers during our 60-minute kickoff call
  • Be your primary point of contact before, during, and after your Copy Immersion
  • Analyze customer research to identify trends, strategize with Megan on big ideas, and offer internal copy edits along the way
Working with Travis and Megan has been so easy. My only regret is not pulling the trigger on the Copy Immersion sooner. I can't imagine how many sales I lost because I didn't have a nurture sequence to help my audience connect with me and understand why I do what I do and what I want for them to experience. Travis and Megan really have their processes nailed down to make the most efficient use of your and their time. If you need copy that converts, they're your people!
Kristen Ricupero
Financial Fitness Coaching

Are you ready to have copy that surprises & delights your customers?

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