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We uncover the messaging that energizes your audience and deliver customer-focused copy

Do you know what your customers actually want? If you’ve never put yourself in their shoes, odds are you’ve got copy and messaging that’s all about you.

Your perfect-fit customers should be able to visualize themselves enjoying your brand. Make it easy for them with customer-focused copywriting that surprises & delights.

From those first “just browsing!” touchpoints before the sale all throughout the customer journey, your copy should be optimized for conversion and connection.

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Our Services

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Copy Immersion

Need new or improved copy ASAP? Let us know what’s on your mind and we’ll get to work writing customer-focused, personality-packed copy.

Perfect for you if:

>> You’ve got lots of glowing reviews, but your copy doesn’t really capture your magic (which means new browsers are peacing out before giving you a chance)

>> Your current copy is a little stale (we can freshen up email sequences, website copy, or product descriptions to infuse them with personality)

>> You’re not really sure how to talk about what you do (no sweat – we’ll get to work on a messaging document that will help you with clarity and consistency)

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Website Audit

Half-Caff Website Review

Do your website visitors understand what you do and why they should buy? It’s almost impossible to tell when you’re too close to your brand. We’ll audit your website copy and UX, identifying the small tweaks that can have a major impact.

Perfect for you if:

>> Your paying customers love your products, but new visitors don’t seem to get why you’re amazing

>> You’re so close to your brand that you genuinely can’t tell if your copy is clear & compelling or stale & stuffy

>> You want expert insights and a quick way to optimize your website