Is under-caffeinated copy costing you sales?

There’s nothing worse than stale copy that has your readers nodding off instead of nodding their heads. And it’s almost impossible to fix when you’re too close to your own brand.

Book your Half-Caff Website Review for a quick infusion of outside perspective that will instantly energize your copy.

Walk away with fresh feedback on your website's...

Key Messages

Your core marketing messages need to align with your audience’s desires. Let’s make sure your customers understand why you’re the best-fit brand.

Copy Clarity

Unclear copy is a major conversion killer. We’ll let you know if murky messaging, distracting jargon, or weak CTAs are causing customer confusion.


I’ll interact with your site the way a brand new visitor would. Chances are, if I’m confused by design, navigation, or UX issues, your real visitors are too.

Send us up to 3 pages of your website...

And we’ll send you a video review that breaks down what’s working and what’s gotten a little stale. After your review, you’ll understand the next steps you need to take to give any sluggish copy a quick boost.

A peek inside your Half-Caff Website Review

Getting your website reviewed should be easy. That means we won’t ask you to do any homework or get on a Zoom call. Just let us know the URL(s) you want reviewed, give us some basic info about your goals, and we’ll be on our way.

Here’s what’s included in your custom website audit:

Recorded video walkthrough for up to 3 pages of website copy. We'll be looking for (and sharing our thoughts on) ways to optimize your user experience, messaging, and copy.

Fully Caffeinated Quick Start Guide with our key recommendations. We'll outline the most important action steps you can take (and we may even throw in some off-the-cuff copy suggestions)

Fast 7-day turnaround so that you can start attracting and converting perfect-fit buyers right away



We recommend you watch the Loom video walkthrough, read over the Quick Start guide, and then start making changes to your site ASAP! The Website Review will help you make the right changes to your site (the ones that actually move the needle and keep your customers happy).

What am I Getting exactly?

We’ll email you a video walkthrough of your site (~20min) + a Google Doc of recommended changes. In the video, we’ll review up to 3 pages of your website and share our first impressions and recommended changes (it’s ok if you want us to focus on just 1 or 2 pages – you get to decide!)

How Much Does it Cost?

The Half-Caff Website Review is $139. We know that not every brand has the need (or budget) for our Copy Immersion service, so we wanted to create a low-cost way for you to improve your website the DIY way.

Is there any additional support?

As a Website Review customer, you have full permission to pick our brains via email for 14 days after you receive your completed Half-Caff Website Review.


If you’re thinking about working with Megan and Travis, do it! It’s so worth it to have a second set of expert eyes to optimize your copy and improve conversions.
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