Dull messaging, stale copy, and a frustrating UX are total vibe conversion killers

But before you do anything drastic (like hiring an agency to redo your site – complete with all the sparkliest bells and whistles), consider this:

Not every website problem needs a big-budget solution.

Instead of trying to fix all. the. things., we can show you the right moves to make to give your store a boost.

Send us up to 3 pages of your DTC website and we’ll send you a video review that breaks down what’s working and what’s a little lackluster.

After your Website Audit, you’ll know the next steps you need to take to light a fire under your messaging, positioning, and website copy.

“I just viewed your video twice – wow! Loved all of your comments. You both get where I’m trying to go.


“We just watched the walkthrough video and literally had to stop halfway because of how clear and overwhelmingly helpful it was.”


Personalized feedback that’s actionable & illuminating

We’ll help you identify high-impact opportunities for improvement by wearing both our strategy hats and our customer hats.

As professional copywriters and positioning strategists, we’ll be looking primarily at your copy, messaging, positioning, branding, and social proof.

But as semi-professional humans who shop online, we’ll also share feedback on any distracting UX and design elements. (Like that pop-up that can’t be closed because that other pop-up is on top of it. Yeah. Bet you didn’t know about that.)

We have two big goals with each Audit:

  1. Identify elements of your current site that might be eroding brand trust, causing confusion, or adding unwanted friction (so that you can get rid of them!)
  2. Identify missing social proof, key messages, or compelling bits of copy that improve brand affinity and the buying experience (so that you can add them!)

We’ll also let you know what you’re doing right and what fixes might be lower priority.

Your Website Audit includes

Video review of your website (up to 3 pages) – We’ll screenshare as we talk through first impressions, strategic feedback, and any big ideas that emerge.

List of recommended changes – You’ll also receive a document with our recommended changes so that you’ll understand exactly how to implement our advice. There’s decent odds we’ll throw in a few pieces of sample copy too.

Delivery within 1 week (5 business days) – We get it. By the time you’ve booked your audit, you’re already eager to change things up.


The spark your site needs

An Audit is a great fit for any ecommerce brand looking for a solution that falls midway between we’ll just wing it in house and I’m ready to hire top-tier experts to take over this project.

It’s perfect for you if you’ve been (impatiently) waiting for inspiration to strike, or if any of these are setting off alarm bells…

You need expert help to shine a light on brand blind spots, meh copy, and bounce-worthy UX mishaps (so that you can stop the bleeding ASAP)

Your website matches what your brand used to be, but doesn’t reflect where you’re at now or trying to go next (maybe you recently added more SKUs, entered a new category, or discovered a copycat competitor)

You know that something’s wrong, you just don’t know what. You want to know which fixes will have the biggest impact (on conversions, brand affinity, and overall wow-factor)

You have a hunch (and maybe the sluggish sales to confirm) that new website visitors don’t exactly get what your products are all about (which means they leave long before seeing the Add To Cart button)

Your messaging is alllll over the place (possibly because it was stitched together by a motley crew of agencies, freelance writers, interns, and your cousin who “dabbles in poetry on the weekends”)

Shine a light on your site

“I’m a big believer in getting expert eyes on your work because it will always make your writing convert better. It’s so worth it to have a second set of eyes to optimize your copy. If you’re thinking about working with Megan and Travis, DO IT!”

Author & Consultant