Core Values

As consumers, we love supporting values-aligned brands (how millennial of us). So it only seems fair to share our brand’s core values here.

Show up authentically

We’re at our best when we’re ourselves. When our marketing or client work is out of alignment, the quality suffers. That means we can’t work with brands we don’t believe in, engage in harmful marketing practices, or ignore inequality within our industry.

Default to compassion

Our marketing philosophy is rooted in compassion. It inspires us to treat people with respect & kindness, anticipate & solve their problems, and create moments of delight. Or, as David Ogilvy said, “The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife.”

Follow curiosity

We don’t do guru. Instead, we try to approach each new project with a beginner’s mindset. Curiosity helps us set assumptions aside, explore new possibilities, and unlearn as often as we learn.

Prioritize joy

Our industry (both marketing and ecommerce) can be a little intense. We’ve found that moments of joy can be the perfect antidote to the endless barrage of 5-step ninja hacks, DTC doomers, and shoulds. Optimize less, laugh more.