Confused about what your brand’s trying to say?
So are your customers

You started your brand for a reason. Now if only you could communicate that reason to potential customers, media partners, wholesale accounts, or even your own team!

The struggle to talk about your brand in a clear and compelling way is real (and totally normal). We can help develop the brand & product narratives that make you stand out.

Purposeful Positioning

Audience-attracting brand & product narratives

Getting consumers to buy into your brand (literally) is a big ask these days. Recycling the same old “buy now – last chance to save!” messaging isn’t earning you any devoted fans.

To get (and keep) the attention of new audiences, you need an engaging story that calls in all the right people.

In this weeklong Positioning Intensive, we’ll create consistent, compelling messaging that your team can use across all channels.

You get: Audience intel, differentiator statements, narratives for your brand & hero product, and key messages. We’ll also sprinkle in some ready-to-use copy.

Brand Copywriting

Updated copy that matches your messaging

Need strategic copy that clicks with your ideal customers? We can help you quickly spruce up your most impactful copy in one laser-focused day of writing.

You get: on-brand copy revisions for your product descriptions, website (About, Home, or FAQs), or nurture flows.

Website Audit

Actionable insights on your copy & positioning

Has your website lost its audience-attracting spark? We’ll put on our customer hats (and, later, our copywriting hats) to give you some copy & positioning quick fixes.

You get: a recorded video walkthrough for up to 3 pages of website copy and a quick fix document with the most impactful changes you and your team can make (we’ll probably end up writing a few bits of sample copy too).