Messaging Development

A done-for-you brand strategy intensive to unlock your key messages, stories, and high-impact statements

What’s the difference between a mustard brand that relies on Facebook for new customers and one that lands a spot on Oprah’s Favorite Things?

The brand that’s standing out from the rest (and watching sales skyrocket as a result) has a story worth telling. They know their narratives. They know their audience. They’re well-positioned. They have a clear point of view.

Because they have all their attention-grabbing ducks in a row, they can take advantage of brand-boosting opportunities.

But Oprah isn’t the only one watching. You need compelling messaging to compete for the attention of consumers, influencers, investors, editors, and retail buyers.

They’re all scanning to see…

  • How your brand came to be (so they can decide if they even care)
  • Why you’re different than the legacy or celebrity-owned competition
  • Who your products are perfect for (hint: the answer is absolutely, positively not “everyone”)
  • What problem you’re really solving (because customers want to know if you understand their needs and editors want to know if your brand has a purpose)

Once you can consistently answer those questions in a convincing way, you’ll have a brand worth talking about.

Messaging development for emerging ecommerce brands

We work with 1-2 clients per month to develop the underlying brand and product narratives that upgrade your brand strategy and influence all future copy.

Each brand has different needs, but we typically provide:

  • Brand Narrative
  • Product Narrative (for your hero product)
  • Value Proposition or Elevator Pitch
  • Mission Statement or Brand Purpose
  • Audience Overview (plus insights into the language they use to talk about your brand)
  • Key Messages for your Audience(s)
  • Differentiator Statements

We also write sample copy that may include product descriptions, a short founder letter, or on-brand copy for your transactional emails.

Of course, your key messaging works so much harder for your brand than any single piece of copy. Our goal is to provide you with the underlying narratives you need so that your team (freelancers, agencies, or in-house marketers) can turn it into whatever assets you want.

Clients have taken our messaging work and turned it into copy that lives on product pages, home & about pages, press releases, editorial content pieces, pitch decks, product labels, and paid & organic social posts.

Beyond the written word, you’ll also find yourself rattling off your new narratives to influencers, brand partners, and retail buyers.

This has been so unbelievably valuable—we’re seriously blown away. It’s like you wrote everything we’ve been trying to say for the last 3-4 years.

You unlocked something incredibly powerful, truthful, and accurate to our brand. Something that until now only existed in our heads that we weren’t able to capture on a page. This changes everything for us.

– Nick Vitellaro, co-founder of The Hero’s Journal

Who it’s for

Although most brands would benefit from examining their current messaging for relevancy and impact, this offer isn’t the right fit for every brand.

We find it’s best to revisit your messaging when…

  • Things have recently shifted in your business. Maybe you’ve got a big launch coming up, entered a new category, or just gained some copycat competitors. Now you’re looking for a new way to talk about what you do that helps you stand out.
  • You just received new copy or brand messaging work back from a Branding Agency, but it feels a little generic. You’re ready to stop playing it safe and start saying more with your brand.
  • You’re laying the groundwork for future opportunities. You’ve got your eyes set on media appearances, brand partnerships, a website overhaul, or a big push into retail.

If the timing isn’t right for you but you’re still interested in improving your messaging, you can always start with a Messaging Audit.

Here are a few of the brands we’ve developed messages for:

What it’s like to work together

If you’re used to working with agencies or freelancers on retainer, our process is a little different.

We want the Messaging Development process to be as simple and efficient as possible. This is a one-off engagement that we’ll deliver two weeks after our initial kickoff call.

All we need from you is 60-90 minutes of your time on an info-gathering kickoff call (and possibly the answers to a short questionnaire depending on how familiar we are with your brand). You’re also encouraged to send over any past research you have related to your audience or brand.

After our kickoff call, we’ll go heads down into review mining, competitor sleuthing, social media scrolling, and editorial reading for about a week. Then we’ll create your new core messaging, narratives, and sample copy based on our research.

When you work with us, you’re working with us (Megan and Travis only). If you’ve ever been disappointed when an agency hands your work off to a junior or outsourced writer, that literally can’t happen here (well, not until we train our cats to write).

The current investment for Messaging Development is $5,000. Payment is required upon booking to secure your spot on our calendar (this can be split into two payments upon request).

We needed a copywriter to help us figure out how to position our product launches. Internally, we have a ton of back-and-forth, so looking to an outside expert for advice is the way to go! Working with Travis and Megan was easy and quick. Literally, you have one call and it’s like magic… you have an entire messaging document laid out.

– Michelle Gabe, VP Marketing at Truff

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