Copywriting Day Rate

The fastest, easiest way to refresh your stale copy

Borrow the brains of two ecommerce copywriters for a full day of strategic copywriting. It’s like adding an experienced copywriter to your in-house team without the job description, salary negotiations, or bottomless Nespresso pods.

A cup of iced coffee on a wooden table. The plastic cup is stamped with the phrase BEST DAY EVER

When you realize that something’s off with your copy, you want a fast fix.

Maybe you’ve got a hunch that your home page is confusing, your product pages are all about you, or that those default transactional emails aren’t earning you loyal customers.

But it’s hard to clear your copy to-do list when your team members are too busy, Fiverr freelancers are too sketchy, and retainer agreements are too damn slow.

Our Day Rate is a tiny but mighty copywriting offer for ecommerce brands who want to give their most impactful copy a boost.

Tell us what’s on your mind and we’ll craft the perfect copy solution in just one day.

“I’m just really impressed with the level of thought and detail that went into this and you both hit all the right notes. Really. This is some of the best thought out copywriting we’ve seen. Thanks for all the hard work.”

Dave Stickland
Franklin’s Popcorn

What can we really do in one day?

A Day Rate is ideal for upgrading your existing copy or getting some shorter (but essential) pieces of new copy.

You’ll probably be surprised by how much we can get done in a single day. But before you set your sights on a copywriting miracle, know this:

If your primary goal is “find someone to churn out as much copy as possible as fast as possible”, we’re not the right copywriters for you. We’re basically the co-captains of Team Quality > Quantity.

But if you’re looking for copy that’s on-brand, research-backed, and delightful for your customers, we can deliver the right copy for your brand.

Here are some examples of work we’ve successfully completed in a single day:

Rewrote Home Page copy to help a food brand shift their positioning from a high-priced commodity product to an oh-so-worth-it snacking experience

Upgraded a bland post-purchase sequence for a fun brand that was sending boring emails (we rewrote the old transactional emails and added a letter from the founder)

Rewrote multiple product and category descriptions for a skincare brand that realized their current copy was playing it safe (and failing to connect emotionally with customers)

Delivered customer insights ahead of a new product launch for a CPG brand that was confused about how to talk about their new category (we did a full day of research and delivered a detailed collection of use cases, competitor complaints, desired outcomes, and some punchy copy blurbs)

A copywriting Day Rate is perfect for you if…

You’re an established ecommerce brand with satisfied customers (but you aren’t exactly sure how to speak their language)

You know your old copy doesn’t match where you want your brand to go (but you don’t have the right resources to fix it in-house)

You’re not quite ready to hire an in-house copywriter (but you sure would love to work with strategic partners in the meantime)

You know that strategic copy is more than CRO hacks—you want the kind of memorable, compelling copy that makes your brand stand out

You need copy on a tight deadline (ahead of that new product launch, website redesign, or updated email flows)

“I needed web copy done quickly and most importantly in the correct voice for my business. Travis and Megan made that happen. Their communication was prompt and thorough. The process was easy to understand and we stayed on the same page. I really appreciate the diligence they brought to my copy.”


How It Works


Fill out a short form so that we can make sure we’re a good fit.

If everything looks good, we’ll send over a link to our booking calendar where you can pick your day and complete payment to secure your spot.


Once you’re booked, we’ll start gathering information about your brand and your goals.

We’ll send over an intake questionnaire ASAP. We’ll also ask you to schedule your 60-minute kickoff call (to take place 3-7 days before our big day).


On the morning of your Day Rate, we’ll get to work bright & early – no need for you to be present. We’ll do whatever combo of research, strategy, and writing we need to create effective copy.

At the end of the day, we’ll send you a Google Doc with your new copy. You’ll also receive a video from Megan walking you through the copy and sharing any important insights.


As a bonus, you get 14 days of follow-up email support. This is your chance to ask us questions about your copy as you & your team implement.


  • 60-min Kickoff Strategy Call
  • A full day of copywriting dedicated to your brand
  • A recorded video walkthrough
  • 14 days of follow-up email support (for questions/clarification)



Does this include edits?

There are no edits or revisions after you’ve received your Google Doc + Loom video. However, both Travis and Megan do internal edits throughout (this is just one of many reasons we enjoy working together).

You also have full permission to pick our brains via email for 14 days after your Day Rate. We’re happy to answer questions or chat about strategy.

Who’s writing the copy?

We are! It feels weird to answer this, but we know it’s becoming more common for agencies to outsource to junior writers or even AI.

It’s just the two of us here at Visualized Copy. Megan will be your lead copywriter and Travis will run your kickoff call. We frequently put our heads together to brainstorm ideas, swap research findings, and edit each other’s work.

How available do I need to be?

Most of your work will happen before the writing day. We hold the kickoff call in advance so that we can wake up, make coffee, and get straight to work.

A Day Rate isn’t a 7-hour Zoom call, so you don’t need to be available all day. However, it’s best if you pick a day where you’ll be accessible in case we have any last-minute questions.

What kind of copy do you write?

We specialize in writing copy that’s both on-brand and customer-focused. We find this copy usually lives in assets like welcome flows, Home pages, About pages, and product messaging.

If you have something else in mind, go ahead and fill out the application. We’ll let you know if we’re not the right fit for your project and we can refer you to other copywriters if needed.