We’ll help you figure out exactly what your brand needs to say to stand out

We’re Megan and Travis and we write copy for emerging ecommerce brands. We specialize in creating the foundational copy and messaging that elevate companies from product pushers to brand builders.

Your copy can do so much more than sell products

Don’t get us wrong—we’re suckers for copy that converts. Travis can’t resist carefully chosen VOC and Megan has a suspiciously large collection of clickworthy subject lines.

But in our years of working as conversion copywriters, we learned something important (and a little ego bruising): 

The real brand-boosting magic didn’t happen when we wrote clever headlines or persuasive CTAs. It happened when we developed messaging that aligned a brand’s stories with their customers’ desires.

It’s foundational, essential, and not very sexy. But these days, it’s the only work we do—and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Meet Megan & Travis Baird

We’re a two-person team here at Visualized Copy, so we thought you might want to know a little bit more about us. This is the stuff that really matters like our go-to beverage orders, Enneagram types, and what we’re not about.

Megan is wearing a red sweater standing outside in front of tropical plants

Megan is a Cat Shelter Manager turned Customer Service Rep turned Copywriter. She’ll be your lead writer and idea haver.

Bird watching
Enneagram 5
Diet culture
Vermouth & Soda

Travis is a Professional Violist turned Mindfulness Coach turned Researcher. He manages the client experience and takes the lead on customer research & analysis.

Enneagram 3
Hustle culture

(oh yeah, did we mention we’re married with cats?)