About Visualized Copy

We're Travis & Megan - a husband and wife team specializing in brand messaging and customer-focused copy.

Our sweet spot is helping customer-obsessed brands surprise and delight their customers with personality-packed copy.

We believe that in order to have an unforgettable brand, you have to align your story with your ideal customer’s desires.

That’s why we’re all about understanding your audience at a mind-reader level so that they see themselves in every email and on every page.

Travis wears a backpack on one shoulder standing next to Megan who is holding a closed laptop

Our 3Cs

Travis sits on the couch with his cat Sadie on his lap. Sadie is directly facing the camera


We’re never far from our 4 cats (Kitty, Sadie, Uno, and Heidi). Seriously, they’re usually right on top of us.

Two cappuccinos in blue to-go cups on top of a black cafe table


We brew in the Chemex every morning. And when we travel, our research begins with coffee shops.

Megan sits at an outdoor bar table using her laptop and holding a cocktail


We’re wannabe bartenders. But 9 times outta 10, we trust the pros to make our drinks.

On the issues that matter

The official platform of Visualized Copy as illustrated in a selection of 18 random carefully curated facts.


Fun facts about Megan: She's an Enneagram 5, used to work as a Cat Shelter Manager and Body Image Coach, she's anti-Diet Culture, she loves to travel plan, her favorite cocktail is a Tanq 10 Martini, her coffee shop order is a Cortado, she's happiest when it's 65 degrees and sunny, and she enjoys baking cookies.


Fun facts about Travis: He's an Enneagram 3, he used to work as a Professional Violist and a Mindful Business Coach, he's anti-Hustle Culture, he loves to run, his favorite cocktail is a Negroni, his coffee shop order is an Americano, he's happiest on the water, and he enjoys baking bread.