Copywriting & messaging development for emerging ecommerce brands

Get the stories, hooks, and attention-grabbing phrases you need to stand out

What you say matters as much as what you sell

You know your products are worth the splurge. So why don’t consumers, collaborators, and media influencers understand why you’re better than the competition?

Because you haven’t told them.

With so much pressure to reach aggressive growth goals, some brands don’t take the time to develop messaging worth sharing.

(Of course, it doesn’t help when the founders, marketing team, and sales can’t agree on a consistent way to talk about the brand and products).

But dull messaging will affect every piece of copy in your funnel. And once that happens, there’s no amount of headline tweaking, button testing, or CRO magic that can turn a generic ecommerce store into a memorable brand.

If compelling messaging is the weakest link in your brand strategy, we can help you get back on track.


Messaging Audits

Does you website actually say anything? Get fresh eyes and expert opinions on your messaging, copywriting, and positioning.

Messaging Development

What’s your brand’s point of view? We’ll develop the brand & product narratives you need to create an audience obsession.

Brand Copywriting

Have a few copywriting tasks on your to-do list? Book us for a day of strategic copywriting that’s on-brand and customer-focused.

Who We’ve Worked With

We needed a copywriter to help position our product launches. Internally, we have a ton of back-and-forth, so looking to an outside expert for advice is the way to go! Working with Travis and Megan was easy and quick. Literally, you have one call and it’s like magic… you have an entire messaging document laid out.

Michelle Gabe

VP Marketing, TRUFF

This has been so unbelievably valuable. It’s like you wrote everything we’ve been trying to say for the last 3 years. You guys unlocked something incredibly powerful, truthful, and accurate to our brand. Something that until now only existed in our heads that we weren’t able to capture on a page. This changes everything for us.

Nick Vitellaro

Co-founder, The Hero’s Journal

Meet Megan & Travis, co-founders of Visualized Copy

Maybe we’re selfish, but we want to see our favorite DTC brands succeed. That’s why we help emerging ecommerce brands figure out exactly what they need to say to grab attention.

We specialize in messaging development, product positioning, and strategic brand copywriting.

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